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Hi! My name is Valerii Iatsko.

I'm a Full Stack Developer and the author of this blog.

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How I started writing


I started writing back in 2006 when I was in school.

One day I was sitting in a school lab creating a funny joke program and accidentally got a crowd consisted of high school students around me. I can’t remember what was it exactly, but we all ended up in a cafe talking about everything.

That evening I learned that all of them had accounts on, the world’s most popular blogging platform at that time. So I created an account there also. I didn’t know what and how to write initially, but I adopted the style of others in the group.

It changed my life completely. I started traveling across the country to meet my friends. That was not only the opportunity to meet great people, but also to come and stay in beautiful cities. I’m not sure if I would have come to those many places, or if I’ll gain such a huge amount of friends otherwise.

Did writing a lot help my career?

In 2008, I began to freelance. I had nothing looked like portfolio back then, but I was able to get every job I ever wanted to get, bringing the right arguments when applying to work. That, in turn, allowed me to grow and get more experience in development quickly as I had an opportunity to learn from real projects.

I even learned C and had a chance to contribute to Charybdis, IRCd which is the basis for IRC network, which is connecting tens of thousands of developers. Who knows if I would have started to work in “Art. Lebedev Studio” without that, the biggest Russian web agency, where I worked on extremely inspiring project Optimus Popularis, without gaining skills that fast and at that exact moment and who knows where I would have been now.

Remember the famous speech of Steve Jobs in 2005? One of the stories is about connecting the dots. I didn’t understand it some years ago, but now I do — writing is one of my dots I could connect looking backward.

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