Senior Engineer


Moved to SquareSpace

This is the first post of my new blog. In case you're curious, this is a Squarespace blog. I've tried a lot of stuff over the last two years - WordPress, GatsbyJS etc - but still ended up with this platform. Why? Well, it took some time for me to understand that my primary goal is to have a blog to write, not to have an advanced technological platform with full customization. That's the only reason I've quit blogging at some point on Medium after having some super successful articles and losing momentum quickly after deep diving into the idea of having all that material on my separate website.

I rebuilt most of the blog at least three times before switching to Squarespace. I cared about such stuff as design, performance, using fancy tech (yep, even for WordPress I've used React frontend), but all of that was delaying me from doing a thing I wanted a blog for - writing.

Now, I don't regret spending my time on that useless stuff - at least I've learned to think about the thing which will solve my problem directly and not trying to brute-force solutions which are nice to have, but which will delay release dramatically.