How I started writing

October 26, 2016

I started writing back in 2006 when I was in school. One day I was sitting in a school lab creating a funny joke program and accidentally got a crowd consisted of high school students around me. I can’t remember what was it exactly, but we all ended...

How to learn better as a Developer

October 23, 2016

The world of programming changes fast. New technologies are appearing every day. You need to keep up; you need to learn fast; you cannot afford to learn just the tip of the iceberg. For quality programming, fundamentals matter — algorithms, data...

10 jQuery Performance Tips & Tricks

October 23, 2016

jQuery is still relevant in 2016. Mostly because it’s still the easiest way of creating highly-compatible websites. Without it, it’s much harder to figure it out of how to write code which will work seamlessly in every browser and to fix all related...

Exploring JavaScript: Typed Arrays

October 16, 2016

Typed Arrays is a relatively new feature in JavaScript. They are designed to provide an easy way to work with binary data and structures, that was hardly possible before. Initially, Typed Arrays were introduced for WebGL APIs. The reason behind this...

Do you need Service Worker in your web app?

October 09, 2016

People discussing modern javascript frameworks here and there, absolutely not paying enough attention to the technologies, which have direct and major impact on their customers’ experience. One of this technologies is Service Workers. What is Service... — the process of creating the largest collection of historical photos of Amsterdam on map

October 08, 2016

Over a few weekends, me and Elena Fedosikhina were busy creating website. Basically, it’s a collection of photos from , geocoded using

React for Beginners - Episode 3 - Adding assets to your isomorphic application (using webpack-isomorphic-tools)

October 03, 2016

In a previous article, we created an isomorphic application and we had a little homework part on adding webpack-isomorphic-tools to your project in order to be able to add css/images/other assets to your project. In this article, we’ll try to solve...

React for Beginners - Episode 2 - Creating isomorphic React+Redux App and deploying it on Heroku

October 02, 2016

Hey, guys! Sorry for the long delay after previous article. I was thinking a lot and, actually, learned a lot about building isomorphic apps in React+Redux. I’ve tried many approaches and want to share one of them with you, which I find the most...

VS Code Setup for Front-End Web Development

February 08, 2016

VS Code (Visual Studio Code) is a relatively new editor by Microsoft, it works on top of Chromium engine, like Atom, but with a lot of useful, unique features only Desktop IDEs have, like, for example, IntelliSense. In this article, I’ll share what I...

React for Beginners - Episode 1 - Setting up repository, babel, express web server & webpack

February 06, 2016

I know, there’s a lot of articles in the network and boilerplates which are aiming to help you setting up the stuff to start your first React application. But what I’m worrying about is that they are still too hard, over-engineered and are leaving...

Computer Science Education

January 03, 2016

Yesterday I found an incredible website that is called MIT Open Courseware . I discovered a lot of stuff I was missing in my university especially in Computer Science discipline. I couldn’t say that I learned something brand new, but I definitely...

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