Senior Engineer


About me

I'm currently a Senior Engineer at Spotify. At Spotify and my previous companies, where I've been working in ( and Art. Lebedev Studio), I've had the privilege to work on products used and loved by millions.

I have a passion for all things user experience, product design, tech organization structure and Open Source, as well as music and downhill. I'm located in Stockholm, by way of London and NYC.

I'm focused on foreseeing and solving issues regarding technical logic, challenging flows, and edge cases that not only impact the scope and planning of our projects, but ultimately our users.

I enjoy building engineering teams and working closely with designers and other engineers to create an environment where collaboration and user-centered design are inherent in our process. I lead teams through the design process; user research, user testing, prototyping, conducting growth-focused experiments, and building products that scale. I also work with copywriters to write functional copy, and make sure what we build works with our product requirements and across multiple locales.

Besides work, I'm a maker and I maintain these exciting projects:

  • 📦 - the easiest way to start Node.js project in 2018 (using Docker)
  • 👉, a collection of historical photos of Amsterdam 🇳🇱 on a map
  • 📈 JS.git — open-source JavaScript trends aggregated hourly from
  • 🎨 If you are Microsoft Visual Studio Code user — check this awesome-vscode curated extensions list out