Hey! I’m Valerii Iatsko

I am a software engineer born in Russia and currently living in Norway. I build user interfaces, mobile applications and cloud web infrastructures.
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This website is under construction

I have ~ 700 pages of content aggregated over 10 years, which I need to organize somehow, and I'm still figuring it out. :) Be my guest, and navigate around, but keep in mind that the project is not ready. Consider it open alpha. :)


My specialization is a Full-stack Web Development. I've built Frontends, Web Infrastructures, and Tooling.

I work at Microsoft Corporation as Full-stack Web and Mobile Developer on a project called Feed (Microsoft Ignite Demo).

Previously, I've worked at Spotify (the Iron Bank tribe, premium subscription business area) and

Latest Projects
  • awesome-vscode
    Collection of useful extensions for VSCode
  • NodeDock
    Simple Docker setup for Node.js
  • CodingBox
    Aggregator of programming-related YouTube channels
  • Old Amsterdam
    Historical pictures of Amsterdam, geocoded
  • LeetCode Calculator
    Estimates how many problems you need solve each day in order to reach your interview preparation goal
  • League
    Aggregator of League of Legends related YouTube channels
  • Time @ Tech Hubs
    Just shows time in major tech hubs, useful for interviewers/interviewees
  • URL Encode/Decode
    Often useful to encode/decode URL for APIs I'm working with
  • HTML Entities Encode/Decode
    Often useful to encode/decode HTML entities for pages on this website
  • IRCd Charybdis
    IRCd which is powering (with slight modifications). I've been a core developer in 2008 during a massive project refactor aiming for scalability, security, and performance
  • Visual Studio Code Extensions
    Visual Studio Code Marketplace extensions developed by me
  • Atom Packages
    Atom Packages (I've been using Facebook's Nuclide IDE heavily back in 2015-2017)
  • Styled Components for AirBnB's HyperNova
    Adds support for Styled Components to HyperNova React SSR Engine developed by AirBnB
Showcase: Tech Videos Feed

Based on my YouTube subscriptions. I've built this aggregator because I prefer time-sorted order more than recommender algorithm.

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Showcase: Optimus Popularis Keyboard

A keyboard which switches images on every key depending on a current user context before Apple came up with its Touchbar. Used and loved by many creators and people who worked in translations industry.

One of the most cool projects I've ever had a privilege to work on.

Optimus Popularis
Showcase: Android Videos Feed

I've recently switched to Android programming at work. As one of the best way to learn something is to watch masters at work, I've built an Android videos aggregator based on Tech Videos one.

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Showcase: NodeDock

A simple way of setting up your Node.js dev environment using Docker.

(I have a Kubernetes version coming soon, this website is using it)

Showcase: League of Legends YouTube Feed

League of Legends is something I play once in a while.

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